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what is up lighting ?

An elegante bean of light that is place against a wall or a column  to enhance the look of the venue. This beam of light can be set any color or colors to fit your needs.


Light fixtures are place on the ground facing a wall, column, or any element of the room you would like to illuminate. Colors are then set to the appropriate look and feel that you would like to enhance the room to. Our lighting can be set to either stand alone (single color), custom program that alternates colors through out the event, or sound activated ( changes with music ).

We use LED lighting fixtures for all our events. These are the safest lighting option available in the market. LED lights use multiple small bulbs that project a bright beam of light that is cool to the touch. These fixtures cannot harm small children who usually become curious and try to touch the fixtures.

Our lighting coordinators can enhance any room to become a stunning look of elegance. We will complete a full canvas of the event venue and create a blueprint of the best way to select what color selection you prefer to enhance the room.


If you are looking to make your event the spectacular and breath taking event seen by your guest, why would you not use uplighting?

Uplighting enhances any room no matter of size and or condition of the room. Some event venues can look plain and dull. Using uplighting canenhance the look of that dull room. Once the lights go outin the venue, the uplighting takes over to help decorate and beautify the event venue. your guest will be amazed by the look and elegant feel that you will have created giving them